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Enhancing the Expertise of Hearing Healthcare Professionals for Superior and Accessible Care

Join the Florida Hearing Society Community and you will:

  • Elevate Your Professional Expertise

  • Boost Your Credibility and Stand Out

  • Hone Your Skills

  • Grow Stronger Together

  • Make an Impact in Your Field

  • Select the Membership That Fits Your Needs!

The Florida Hearing Society is Committed to Your Professional Growth

As a member of the Florida Hearing Society, you access a suite of benefits crafted to advance your knowledge, skills, and tools in hearing healthcare. These resources are tailored to not only enhance your professional journey but also to improve your business acumen and reputation among peers and patients. With the Florida Hearing Society, you're equipped to provide exceptional hearing healthcare in your community.

Member Benefits

Become a FHS Member

  • Annual Membership

    Every year
  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
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