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Mission Statement

The Florida Hearing Society is organized to promote uniform good will and education among all hearing aid dispensers in the State of Florida, thereby bringing the state of the art to its highest possible level. The FHS endorses Florida Statute No. 484 Part II as it is now written and will uphold the Code of Ethics of the International Hearing Aid Society.


The purposes for which this Society is organized are:


  •  To promote good will and cooperation among hearing instrument                                             professionals and others in the State of Florida engaged in the general field                                            of hearing healthcare services.


  • To promote the welfare, insofar as hearing is concerned, of the hearing                                          impaired and to protect the consumers of hearing services.


  • To improve the professional standards of the hearing instrument specialists of                                          the State of Florida by means of an educational program among its members                                        and to inculcate among the members ethical principles that will lend dignity to                                        the profession and insure continued public confidence in the profession.


  • To promulgate among the general public knowledge and                                                        understanding of the use and value of instruments which                                                                      aid hearing.


  • To continually improve methods of hearing evaluation,                                                              dispensing, fitting, and to encourage the use of hearing                                                           instruments.


  • To foster and encourage the development of a closer                                                                    relationship between the members of the Society and the                                                                general public, hearing instrument specialists, the medical                                                         profession, and others working in and allied to the field                                                                        of audiology; and especially by the coordination of                                                                   professional and lay efforts, services and assistance.


  •  To collect and share valuable information to members,                                                                           to the general public, and to the medical profession.


  • To conduct these activities and achieve these objectives                                                                  without financial gain.


  •  To do everything and anything which properly may be done                                                                 by a corporation organized for the above purposes under the                                                             laws of the State of Florida and to possess all proper powers,                                                           rights, and privileges permitted such a corporation not-for-profit by such laws,                                         and to do everything reasonably necessary, suitable, proper, convenient, or                                             incidental to the aforesaid purposes.


  • To maintain a reference file on all members and persons directly employed by                                       FHS and to continually monitor the practices and ethics of same.

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