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Hearing Aid     Fitting

Hearing aid fittings ensures you get the most out of your hearing aid.

During a hearing aid fitting and programming appointment, the team at

Sound Hearing Centers will calibrate your devices to meet your specific

needs. The type of hearing loss, extent of hearing loss as well as your

lifestyle will determine exactly how your devices are adjusted. We rely on

your feedback to let us know how your hearing aids are working for you.

We’ll be sure to give you all of the information and tools needed to excel

with your devices from day one, including tips on:

If your hearing aids come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity or other advanced features, our team will ensure that you feel comfortable taking advantage of everything your device has to offer.

People who use hearing aids often say that these small devices are one of the best investments they’ve ever made. In order to get the most out of your purchase, your hearing aids will need to be appropriately fit and adjusted. Along with our professional recommendations, your patience and persistence are key in utilizing your devices to their fullest potential. Once you’ve acclimated to this new way of hearing, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to visit us!

Remember, it can take some time to get used to the way the world sounds with your hearing aids, so it’s best to take a slow and steady approach. Many of our patients wear their hearing aids for longer periods of time each day until they’ve fully adjusted while others are so excited that they use their devices full-time from the start. At Sound Hearing Centers we recommend that you do whatever feels most comfortable for you but remember that our staff is always here to answer any questions and offer support along the way.

At Sound Hearing Centers we understand that your hearing aid can be a lifeline to the outside world so your device needs to fit you properly. Contact our office today to schedule your hearing aid fitting appointment.

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