When should I seek help, and

what are the warning signs?

What are the signs of hearing loss? How do you know you have a hearing loss or are developing one? If you are suffering from a hearing loss when do you get help?

  • If you hear, but don't always understand what people say.

  • If you must ask others to repeat.

  • If you are embarrassed by not being able to hear and understand when you are in a noisy environment.

  • If you're getting complaints about the volume on your TV, radio, stereo or telephone.

  • If you're experiencing irritability with your family and loved ones over your hearing loss.

  • If you have problems, with certain types of voices or complain that people seem to mumble.

  • If you hear but have noticed difficulty in understanding conversation in group situations.

  • If simply following dialog on the TV has become a strain.

  • If you have ringing or noises in the ear(s)--Tinnitus.

  • If you pretend to hear someone but really don't, just to avoid embarrassment.

  • If you have difficulty following conversation between the front and back seats of a car.

  • If you seem to hear better from one ear than the other.If you find that you have to sit "up front" in church, temple, or the auditorium to hear.