The FSHHP has worked diligently to be able to provide our members with on-line education. Today, we announce the on-line platform is on-line and ready! As a member you can take the CE hours at the member discount rate! Make sure you click on the "MORE INFO" button for each class to designate that you are a member and receive the member rate.

You can buy individual classes, or bundles - remember, if you have already taken HIV/Aids, you DO NOT NEED TO TAKE IT AGAIN - EVER! You can register for the mandatory only, or receive up to 10 hours without HIV. If you just need a couple of hours, check out our 6 non-mandatory bundle and save!

The FSHHP is excited to share this site with our members - and hope that you are able to login, take classes, receive credit and do it all from the comfort of your home! 


If you have any questions, please email info@floridahearingsociety 


ALL CME NOW ONLINE visit or click here