New technology developed in the past several years can help most people with hearing loss to achieve improved communication. Today's hearing instruments have evolved from simple devices to remarkably sophisticated and advanced personal hearing computers. In just the last few years, more advances in hearing aid technology have been made than throughout the history of the industry. 

In many hearing aids, there are no knobs or controls, because the instruments automatically adjust loudness levels. Some hearing aids are programmed so that they require only the push of a button on the hearing aid or on a wireless remote control to move to different listening situations and provide balanced sound in the home, on the telephone, or at a concert. Digital and digitally programmable hearing aids have been introduced that amplify signals in new ways and make the benefits of hearing aids even more customized. Many hearing instruments are virtually computers with flexible and sophisticated processors that analyze and respond to specific sounds. Some advanced hearing instruments process sound more than a million times per second to adapt to different environments.

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