The Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals (FSHHP) is one of the largest hearing associations in the US -averaging more than 400 members each year. FSHHP members know how valuable their memberships are appreciate a wide range of benefits. Joining the association is quick, easy and you will instantly enjoy the following benefits:


1. Advocacy through legislation and government relations: FSHHP works hard every day to stay on top of legislative issues that impact your business and to insure your right to practice as a hearing aid specialist. You can rest assured knowing that our legislative affairs representatives are in Tallahassee working towards improvements and reform programs that protect you and your patients. Your membership dues fund this important advocacy. 



Membership has it's benefits!

2. Otoscoop Magazine: As a member you receive, at least three times a year, a full color magazine delivered to your door, with articles, legislative updates, employment opportunities, upcoming events, and recent changes in Florida Law and the activities of the Board of Hearing Aid Specialist.


3. Website Tools: Exclusive members only pages including monthly online newsletter, legislative updates, blogs, photo galleries, and other information.


4. Continuing Education Opportunities & Discounts: The FSHHP offers three continuing educational opportunities each year where you may receive between 10-12 hours, including the 6 mandatory hours.  Our classes are offered in Tallahassee in February, Orlando/Clearwater in July, and Fort Lauderdale in November, every year - giving you 6 opportunities to attend during every two-year biennium.  As a member of the FSHHP, you are eligible for advanced registration and discounted pricing.


5. Certificate of Membership: Every new member receives a

beautifully crafted Certificate of Membership hand written by a

calligraphy artist, to be displayed in your office setting and seen

by your patients.  



6. Discounts: FSHHP Members may receive discounted credit

card processing for their offices.  Click here for additional information.

Join today!