Why is it particularly critical to test a child's hearing - and get them proper amplification if they need it?

A child is born with a mind that is open and ready to receive information through their senses. The more information the mind the receives, the better the child can undestand and participate in the world around them. Their senses are their tools for learning and communicating. Therefore, their sense of hearing is absolutely critical for speech and language development. It is extrememly important to identify hearing loss in children as early as possible. Significant delays in speech and language development can be avoided if amplification is provided early - and many problems can be helped on an ongoing basis with proper amplification. Some states, including Florida, have passed legislation mandating newborn hearing testing and that practice is spreading nationaly.


Possible signs that may suggest YOUR CHILD could be experiencing hearing loss include but are not limited to the following:


  • Your child's speech is unclear and/or difficult to understand


  • Your child's vocabulary is less than other children his age


  • Your child does not respond when you call him; does not hear household sounds heard by other members of the family; or, needs the sound of the TV or radio, etc. turned up very loudly to hear well


  • Your child does not follow directions and/or needs several repetitions before doing so


  • Your child often says, "Huh?"


  • Your child does not appear to respond appropriately unless looking directly at you


  • Your child has difficulty in school/exhibits poor academic achievement


If you have concerns, you should Consult a Hearing Health Professional. If you need to seek help for your child, be sure to look for a licensed/certified Audiologist experienced in pediatric testing, particularly if your child is very young (under the age of 5).