Completely in the Canal

This is an almost totally hidden hearing aid and it's the latest developed in the industry. These aids are so small that they usually require a clear plastic extraction cord to remove them. These designs also offer superior performance because they fit so deep in the canal that they are closer to the ear drum and are extremely efficient. Unfortunately, because of the extreme miniaturization of the electronics and the printed circuit chips utilized, these aids are the most expensive type and they are usually totally automatic - requiring no volume controls and/or adjustments. The C.I.C. instruments take 


advantage of the ear canals natural resonance and fairly well eliminate feedback or interference with the telephone (because of the small microphone location). In most patients, there is no need to remove the aid for phone use. The phone can be used directly over the hearing aid. The cosmetic considerations are also important, even though some patients deny it. These wonderful products, because they are virtually invisible when worn, enhance the users sense of well being without hampering self esteem or that feeling of being impaired. 

As a general rule, the smaller the instrument, the more expensive to acquire (due to the miniaturization and the fact they are essentially all microscopically hand custom made for each individual patient). However, all costs should be amortized over a four (4) to five (5) year period when considering the purchase as that is the useful life of most better quality products. Therefore, if an aid costs $1,500.00, the average annual cost is only $300.00. Purchase an inexpensive C.I.C. for $895.00 and figure it will last only two (2) years and your average annual cost moves up to $450.00/year.