Advanced technology hearing instruments differ from conventional products and offer advantages over them in that they generally utilize more recent developments in amplification electronics such as compression technology and automatic signal processing circuit designs. The circuits in this level of technology are modified linear electronics that develop more natural loudness (amplification) throughout the patient's listening range without over amplifying or under powering at discreet frequencies. The result is more comfortable listening, especially in noise and in general for patients who have loudness tolerance problems. In other words, the circuits produce sounds that are more natural, balanced and comfortable in most listening environments.

Circuit designs used in this level of product include the popular K-Amp®, Automatic Signal Processing (A.S.P.), Automatic Gain Control (A.G.C.), Class "D" Circuits, input compression, output compression, variable compression and Adaptive Compression® (Patented by Telex Corp.). Advanced technology linear (analogue) instruments are available from most major domestic manufacturers (brands) and come in a full range of sizes (styles) from B.T.E. (Behind-the-Ear) down to the smallest C.I.C. (Completely-in-the-Canal).

Advanced Technology Hearing Aids